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Large power surges, as with a lightning strike, can cause instantaneous damage, "frying" circuits and melting plastic and metal parts. Fortunately, these types of power surges are rare. Low-level power surges won’t melt parts or blow fuses, but they can cause "electronic rust," gradually degrading internal circuitry until it ultimately fails.

Definitions. The terms surge protection device (SPD) and transient voltage surge suppressor (tvss) are used to describe electrical devices typically installed in power distribution panels, process control systems, communications systems, and other heavy-duty industrial systems, for the purpose of protecting against electrical surges and spikes, including those caused by lightning.

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What Are Surges. In general a surge is a transient wave of current, voltage or power in an electric circuit. In power systems in particular – and this is likely the most common context that we relate surges to – a surge, or transient, is a subcycle overvoltage with a duration of less than a half-cycle of the normal voltage waveform.

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Surge Protectors from Protect your sensitive electronics from wild surges of electricity with a surge protector. Avoid having your computer, printer, or other well-loved piece of technology fried to a crisp by uncontrolled spikes in the electricity supply.

Power surges (also referred to as "voltage surges" or "transient voltages") Power surges are generally considered to be the most destructive of the four types of electrical power disturbances. Power surges are spikes in voltage.

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