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Having a switchboard that complies with Australian Standards is essential if you want to complete most electrical upgrades in your property. We are able to send out a highly skilled and qualified switchboard upgrade electrician to your door. Most switchboard upgrades will involve installing safety switches on your switchboard.

DaRa is the number one distributor of power electrical switchboards to all states in Australia. We are an ISO-certified electrical manufacturing company specialising in the latest electrical switch boards. Call us on (03) 8544 3300 for more information on our services or browse our products online.

Prompt Electrical and Air Conditioning’s company spokesperson says, “Whether its a large scale commercial installation or a simple residential switchboard, every Job is completed with the aim to.

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and switchboards along with other items that operate on electricity. In recent years, the demand for low power busbars has been relatively high as they are being readily adopted in commercial and.

These switchboards can be customized for each application. Completely engineered and assembled, the switchboards require minimal field assembly and can be modified to meet any requirements of member utilities and municipalities.

Switchboard. Switchboard upgrade. An upgrade of a switchboard provides a comprehensive range of positive aspects to your house: Modern switchboards can easily be reset by flicking a safety switch and the risk of fire or electrical shock is minimized as there are no exposed wires (which is what fuses have).